Skin Physiological Normalization


The skin, as any other organ in our body, has a restoration, normalization and reactivation time given by physiological rhythms and modalities imposed by the nature. A healthy and beautiful skin is a skin in good condition. This means that it is able to do a self-regeneration, a self-protection and also can retain water and the nutrients in it, improving its aspect in a lasting way. As a matter of fact, the foundation of beauty is health.

The choice not to use non-biocompatible substances, plastics and silicones is the direct consequence of the research of a physiological normalization to really let work our skin at its best without palliative interference or chemical appearance. We think that the skin improvement needs to be true and not illusory or caused by paraffin, acrylics and silicones. These last ingredients, even if combined with excellent actives, interfere with the natural moisturizing, skin's sun defense, normal keratinization (ability of the skin to self-regenerate), and the physiological activation of the free radicals antioxidant system.

bSoul has the main aim to give true results in a dynamic way and though the constant research of what can be improved, helping our skin to recover its ideal condition!