Transdermal Technology

We have gathered some of the most powerful botanical ingredients from around the world to help restore you to optimal youth levels. These potent ingredients, however, are of little use if they simply sit on your skin and do not penetrate through to the deeper layers within. To truly harness and optimise the very best that nature has to offer, the ingredients need to work directly on your skin cells that lie much further below the surface.

Our skincare scientists have found the most effective way for these active ingredients to work their magic from within: Transdermal Technology. Through this unique, cutting-edge delivery system, the botanical nutrients bypass the gastrointestinal tract and enter the blood stream directly, thereby increasing their absorption across the skin layers and maximising their effectiveness, in a shorter period of time.As these botanical ingredients penetrate the deeper layers of your skin 10 times faster, you are truly rejuvenated and revitalised from inside-out – effectively reversing the signs of hormonal ageing.