Our beauty treatments are centred on the concept of holistic wellness. As such, they also provide powerful health benefits to give you a complete beauty and body-wellness solution. 

When you visit our spa partners, you can enjoy our exclusive Meditrina Treatments, which combine the natural healing philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the use of Meditrina products such as our Ageless Herbal Cream.

Marrying external remedies with curative techniques that focus on internal health offers the perfect combination to treat the root causes of your beauty and health problems more effectively so you can expect more visible results while experiencing a greater sense of wellbeing. Through this unique wellness-based approach, you will feel healthier and look younger, as your skin begins to glow – mirroring the good internal health within.


*Please note that while these therapies are effective in easing the symptoms of your beauty and body ailments, they are not recommended as a substitute for doctors’ advice if you have more serious issues.